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VR/AR in Transportation

For several years now, the automotive and transportation industries have recognized the potential of VR in supporting the planning, design, marketing, and operation of different transport modes. As the technology has developed, its practical applications have become more widely adopted and integrated into industry. As transport embraces technology with things like an autonomous vehicle, VR is becoming increasingly prevalent as both a training tool and an essential aid to advanced manufacturing.

ZyenaLABS enables the personalized application of reality technologies for your commercial needs. Our solution caters to a range of use cases.

Product Prototyping

Simulate the context and experience the customer journey in the virtual world.

Customized Configurators for cabin design or product showcase

Configure & visualize the cabin's new aesthetic details in real time or launch your product with an immersive experience.

Learning & Training – Corporate / Technical/Health & Safety

VR provides a safe & realistic way to train, without the risk of injury or costly damage to expensive equipment.

Remote Assistance - AR

Quicker, Automated Work, Reduced Human Errors & Maintenance Time.

Verification & Validation (V&V)

VR/AR-based validation process by simulating the scenarios in the virtual world.

Technology Platforms

Augmented Reality

Virtual Reality



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