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VR for Research

Virtual Reality (VR) is a relatively new technology that opened many doors for Researchers at Universities, Private Companies, Govt Organizations — are exploring how effective the technology can be across a wide array of use cases. There are countless examples of scientists using this new technology either to develop it further or to experiment with various attempts at its application.

Furthermore, VR is also proving a commercial success and companies like Google, Microsoft, and Samsung are investing in its development for everyday recreational emersion. However, this technology has far more to offer than simple recreation. Aside from its use for various educational purposes, new insight is directing VR towards medical treatments and research, engineering, space etc.

ZyenaLABS & Research

ZyenaLABS has customized solutions for any kind of research project and already we have worked on few successful Govt Research & Study Programmes in Aviation and Transport using the VR platform. Since then, we have focused more and more on many areas of research and are now working on ambitious projects that could shape the future.

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