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Energy & Utilities


As the power and utility sectors are starting to realize the benefits of using advanced technologies in operations companies are adopting technologies to improve operational efficiency and serve customers better. The use of virtual reality and augmented reality in the utility field have the potential to minimize operational costs, improve safety, and broaden the types of services provided in these industries.

How We Help
ZyenaLABS provides energy and utility companies with the customized VR & AR tools in.

Employee Learning & Training

VR and AR can be used to make simulations where training can be safe and free of consequences.

Dedicated HSE Training

VR based HSE course helps companies & managers with a different way of addressing safety, health.

Inventory Management

AR can help warehouse managers and staff to locate and extract products that customers ask for in a timely fashion.

Remote Collaboration

Remote collaboration in VR is simply defined as two or more individuals coming together in a virtual environment to share a simulated experience for work, learning, or play.

Marketing & Customer Experience

AR & VR have power to make your customers feel special, valued and empowered by your brand.

Benefits of AR & VR
  • Safety
  • Knowledge Retention
  • Testing of Products Virtually
  • Cost Savings
  • Elemental Customer Experience
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