Digital Reality in Life Sciences & Health Care

Augmented and Virtual Reality Tools are poised to enhance Wellness, Diagnosis, Training, and Treatment
What if a surgeon or patient could train or prepare for a complex procedure by simulating it first in a 360-degree, 3D simulation? What if a patient could put aside the pamphlets and see the impact a diet would have on his or her health? What if impaired mobility patients could experience brain- and coordination-building activities in complete safety?

What ZyenaLABS can offer?

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Medical Training

Medical students, doctors, or surgeons can learn how to treat their patients better or perform complex operations without the risk of making any surgery mistakes.

Anxiety, Phobia, and Depression Treatment

Patients can use VR for meditations or relaxation in safe environments provided by VR.

Physical Therapy

VR helps patients to easier overcome high pain levels and ensure faster recovery when performing physical therapy.

Gamification based Learning

A customized learning journey for students, patient education and medical training


Do you have a Customized VR/AR Requirement?