ZyenaLABS  January 17, 2018

Go Digital with ZyenaLABS

We are in the midst of a digital revolution. Computers of all shapes and sizes, from smartphones to ATMs, have permeated our daily lives. Everything we watch, capture, read, write, listen to or compose assumes the form of a binary stream of data, ready, at any instant, to be shared with the rest of the world. We’ve begun to cast aside the fetters of physical media and open ourselves up to rich, engaging, interactive experiences that offer an unprecedented level of information exchange. Naturally, every business today, small or large is trying to drive digitization in different departments, from accounts to logistics to marketing. This is where we step in to ask the question –

Is this enough?

One of the things that we’ve observed from the interactions we have had with our clients at ZyenaLABS is that while most people are familiar with the tools – apps, websites, the cloud, XR, etc. – that this revolution has helped forge, they’re often restricted in their imagination of the different scenarios that these tools can be used in. We find that a big reason for this is that in a lot of conversation, only generic “umbrella” terms for many pieces of current technology are thrown around. Not enough information is made available to the people listening to be able to understand the workings of different systems in a manner that would allow them to creatively repurpose them for other tasks.

So how does one work around this restriction? Well, for one, they could simply study up on the tools at their disposal and understand how they can be combined to solve different problems. However, with technology, in all its diversity, advancing at an increasingly rapid pace every day, it could become quite a task for a single person to keep up with everything that’s coming. Naturally, the next thing to think about is dedicating a team of people to research and development of tools for different problems, but that comes with its own trouble of planning and deliberation of cost, reallocation of manpower and scheduling of time. If you’re part of an organization that recognizes the trouble above, then what you’re looking for is a well-trained team that is dedicated to working on the latest technology to help achieve your goals. In other words – a Digital Solutions Provider.

For those of you unfamiliar with the term, a conventional Digital Solutions Provider can be thought of as the one-stop shop for everything digital. You need an app built? A website launched? Some data transfer and conversions to run? Now you can find the people you need, trained and ready, to get started on helping you realize your next big idea. But there’s more that a Digital Solutions Provider can do. After all, it’s in the name – they provide Solutions to your Digital problems, and we all know that solutions aren’t just a product, but also the idea to conceive them.

At ZyenaLABS, we take pride in identifying areas in different workflows of our clients’ business processes that can be benefitted by migrating to certain software-based solutions or improving existing ones. This can often open new venues for companies to explore with regard to business development, product development, marketing or even training.

To help our clients realize their vision, we offer different tiers of service categories, defined as modular units that can be combined to form a larger, purpose-specific product.

At the core of it, there is App/Website development: We build cross-platform apps to present your content on Smartphones/Tablets, PCs and the Web with support for XR.

On the tiers after that, we have services to augment the app: Content Visualization in 2D and 3D, Data Storage and Management, Networking/Connectivity solutions, and so on.

This kind of division of services helps us maintain a standardized, general purpose code base that we can maintain and use across multiple projects. As a bonus, it also allows us to establish and use different billing patterns for different services. Clients find that this often works out cheaper for them than monolithic billing, which makes them happy and, in turn, drives business for us.

The services themselves can be combined in many ways to serve various purposes, from Product Visualization (App Development + Content Visualization) to Assisted Design Tools (App Development + Content Visualization + Data Storage and Management + Networking and a few other “augmentations”).

We’re currently using this model on a project with Ashok Leyland to help build a Virtual Training Platform for their mechanics. They wanted to improve their training workflow by leveraging current technology and decided to use our services to create this tool. A few exchanges and a PoC later, we identified several ideas that they could explore with a centralized virtual training platform, accessible through a client application on any smartphone. Rich media, easy deployment, simple maintenance and only one point of contact that takes care of everything from design to deployment.

We’ll dedicate a separate blog post to discussing cases like the Virtual Training Platform, so, for now, you can just treat it as just an example of what a Digital Solutions Provider can do for you. In a world where technology has made converting one’s ideas to a tangible product so easy, the race is to rush one’s product into the market quickly and in substantially better shape than anyone else. So, don’t waste time – Go Digital with ZyenaLABS!

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